Fake Redirector

Create redirects with fake previews for trolling stuff like rickrolling.

Your fake redirection link will be news.darvin.de/for-example-like-so

Leave empty for rickroll url.

Enter your email if you want to be able to change or delete this.

You can use Shortcodes anywhere in the title, description, redirect url or image url.

date: [[date calculations **format]].
The Date shortcode replaces with the current date. You can also calculate from this date (e.g. now +1 day) or user another format.
Examples: [[date -1 year +20 days +1 week **Y.m.d]], [[date]], [[date +2 days]], [[date **m.Y]]

random: [[random numberOfWords **seperator]].
The Random shortcode replaces with random english words. You can also enter with how much words it should be replaced. Seperate words with the seperator (optional)
Examples: [[random]] (one word), [[random 6]] (6 words), [[random 7 **-]] (- as seperator), [[random 13 **]] (no seperator)